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About us 

Comp4U is a Reliable computer repair service in the Gush Dan area.

Our team consists of professional computer technician certified by Microsoft that would devote thier full attention and will respond immediately with the knowledge, technical resources and professional equipment available to us in the lab or at the customer location.

The company focuses on the provision of related services such as:
Troubleshooting the hardware and operating system and compatible PCs.
Installation or upgrade - software or hardware.
Maintenance of computer networks.
Sale of personal computer systems according to customer needs.
Solutions for wired and wireless network home.
Computer security against viruses, hackers, spam and malware (MALWARE)
Remote support.

Comp4U Solutions - Technicians quality and favorable prices
The company operates a professional laboratory that provides repair service, skilled technicians handle most types of repair service that are able to solve even the most difficult bugs, we are committed to do our best to achieve this.

The company provides computer services and the private business sector in Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Givatayim, Bnei Brak, Petah Tikva and Ono Valley.
Comp4U builds, maintains and repairs computers, servers and networks since 2003.

Remote support

If you are working in a company that has many personal workstations, you must be aware of the problems that sometimes occur in the computers.
We all know that computers are supposed to help us solve problems, but sometimes the computer itself is causing problems then required the intervention of a support person or a technician to fix the problem.

Performing software upgrades or installation of new software also can be a time-consuming process uncomfortable and non-friendly, especially if it has to be done regularly and dozens of different workstations, remote support can make the whole process much faster and efficient using remote support software.
This type of software allows the computer technician to connect remotely and perform required maintenance or repair without requiring the physical presence of the support person, this is the main advantage that led to widespread use of these programs in providing important support around the world.
You can perform many functions remotely, such as virus cleaning, updating, removing or installing the software, integrity check of hardware, defragmenting a hard disk, changing system settings and fix issues of the user operating the computer.
Remote Support software is not used only with the technical support, many people use them to connect and work on a computer located in a remote place.
The only limitation of remote support software is the need for proper connectivity to the Internet on the destination computer.

Contact us:

Phone: 03-6775589

Address: Sara Aharonson 16 Ramat Gan


For remote Support software download, please click on the links below :

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